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I can't Login... help!
Most likely you have not clicked the link in your registration confirmation email to confirm your account.

Look through your inbox and SPAM email to find this, and click the confirmation link.

Other common mistakes are typo's. Use the 'Forgot password' feature available on the login panel, and when you receive your email 'copy and paste' your details (making sure no leading or trailing blank spaces get included as you copy) to login rather than retyping them.

If all this is obviously correct, then try clearing the cache on your browser. Delete all Cookies and browsing history then try again. (Search Google on how to do this for your browser if you are not sure.)

Less likely but possible issues are that you have Security and/or Privacy settings configured to be too restrictive for the site to work. Similarly, make sure that Cookies are enabled and that JavaScript is enabled as both are required for this website to function.

Other options are to restart the machine, and/or ideally try a different browser - Google Chrome rocks, as does Firefox.

If you are still being frustrated, please send us detailed information: Operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7 etc); Browser Type (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc); Browser Version (6, 7, 8 etc) Screen captures of 'before and after' you click the form button give us invaluable information that often helps us to give you a quick answer.

Note that there are very rare occasions where there are issues outside our control, such as issues on your local network or local machine. However we will always do our best to support and find a solution for you.


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