Scoring Points

Earn Points
Each time a player in your team performs an act on the field that is captured by one of the 13 statistical attributes used in this game, you earn the associated points. These are calculated after each round of play is complete, usually on the day following the final game of the round.  Keep in mind that you must have had a full roster with 12 players selected for the round, otherwise you default and no scoring will be applied for that round.

Additional to this, it is possible to earn bonus points each round. If the total number of tries scored by your squad in a given round is high enough, then bonus points are awarded.

Try Bonuses

100 points - 3 or 4 tries scored
200 points - 5 or more tries scored

Game Statistics
The statistics used to measure player performance have been developed to capture the overall worth of each player in the live games. Apart from scrums and lineouts, as noted below, the stats are only awarded where the action is clearly attributable to an individual player. In many cases awarding a statistic to a player requires a degree of value judgment by our statisticians. Our aim here is to rule in a consistent manner and in the spirit of the definitions listed.

Score a Try 100 Points
A player scores a try. A penalty try is not awarded to any player ever. The try is attributed to the player who is awarded the try during game time, as per the best information available at the time.
Assist a Try 60 Points

One player 'gifts' a try to another player. Examples are:

  • Player A beats a defender then passes off to player B for a clear run to the line.
  • Player A kicks a grubber into the in-goal area for player B to touch down.
  • Player A makes a huge skip pass to player B for a clear run to the line.
Line Break / Beat Tackle 30 Points
A ball carrier breaks through the defensive line and is still running, no matter whether achieved by breaking a tackle(s) or running a good line and/or receiving a good pass. The stat is also awarded cumulatively for each further defensive line/tackler(s) beaten of significance, either in broken play or after the first defensive line has been beaten.
Force a Turn Over 30 Points

Aggressive defensive play causes the attacking team to lose possession. Examples are:

  • Crunching tackle causes the attacking player to spill the ball.
  • Defensive player turns the attacking player in the tackle so the defensive team wins the ball at the resulting breakdown.
  • Defensive player reaches the breakdown and snaffles the ball before a ruck forms.
  • Defensive line-out jumper wins a line-out ball
  • A tighthead scrum is won or scrum is turned so possession is reversed. (Special case where stat is awarded to all front row players.)
  • Defensive player charges down a kick and regains possession.
Kick a Goal 25 Points
Any successful kick at goal, including a penalty, conversion and drop-goal.
Set Up 'Go Forward' Ball 20 Points

Any drive by an individual that obviously breaks into and through the defensive line (but does not achieve a clear line break/beaten tackler) AND successfully offloads or lays the ball back for next phase ball. From static points of play, such as scrums, rucks and mauls, the player must advance the ball to or beyond the originating point for it to be classed as 'go forward' ball. From broken play the player must beat into the defensive line and establish 'front foot' ball. The player must do more than a simple ball carry to earn this stat.  Examples are:

  • Number 8 drives off the back of a scrum
  • Centre runs the crash ball into the defensive backline
  • Forward runs off a short pass from the base of a ruck
  • Fullback returns a kick (keeping ball in hand) and establishes a degree of postive momentum when tackled
Catch a Kick 20 Points
Any player that catches a kick on the full in general play, or from a restart. A chip and regather is a valid catch.
Make a Tackle 10 Points
The defensive player who effects the tackle on an attacker by either taking them to ground, forcing them into touch or generally causing play to break down. If more than one tackler is involved then the statistic is only attributed to the first tackler - unless both tacklers arrived at the same time, in which case both tacklers are awarded the statistic..
Win a Scrum 10 Points
Awarded to the entire Front Row when own-possession scrum is won. Tightheads and turned scrums are classed as Turnovers.
Win a Lineout 10 Points
Awarded to the player throwing the ball in and to the jumper who secures controlled possession.
Miss a Kick at Goal -15 Points
Where any kick at goal does not go over. Includes penalty, conversion and drop-goal attempts.
Lose Possession -20 Points

Where poor play or a mistake gives up possession to the defensive team. Examples are:

  • Knock on
  • Forward pass
  • Intercept
  • Muffed kick
  • Ball carrier turned in a tackle
  • Poor lineout throw
Concede Penalty -25 Points
Any action that incurs a penalty.


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