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Register to Play
To join the action you'll need spend about 1 minute completing the two step registration process:

  1. Provide your basic contact details and set your playing name (alias).
  2. Join a 'Local Division' being a mini-competition within the wider game.

Details collected are not passed on to third parties.

Local Divisions
The Local Division you choose during registration is a group of teams (virtual managers) competing in a mini-competition within the wider game. You can create your own custom password protected Local Division that only you and your mates know how to join, or simply cruise through, defaulting to a system generated Local Division and play against others from throughout the world. System generated Divisions default to a size of 100 teams but this number will vary due to players changing Division after registration.

It is possible to change to a new Division after registering, but this must be done before the final round of a series.  Changing Division only affects the series it was handled for, but also resets your default Division for future series you may join.

In the game there is a special page summarising your Local Division so you can quickly see how well you're doing. This is also the gateway to view the team and scoring history of your competitors. Boast, heckle or discuss strategy with others in your Local Division via your own online Local Division message board.

Select Your Team
Once registered you're ready to buy your starting lineup of 12 rugby players with the $12,000,000 that was allocated to you.  Keep in mind that you must have a full roster of 12 players to have a valid team, and only players in a valid team will score points for you in a round.

2 x Front Row
2 x Locks
2 x Loose Forwards
2 x Halves
2 x Centres
2 x Outside Backs

The site provides many ways to search for rugby players, and when located owning them is a simple click away. You must fill all positions to have a valid team and score points in a given round. Incomplete squads are disqualified and earn no points for that round.

During the period leading up to the lock for Round 1 you can buy and sell rugby players as often as you like and it won't affect your stock of trades. Player prices are also fixed during this period, but from then on prices are recalculated on a daily basis.

After Round 1 closes, each time you SELL a player 1 trade from your stockpile is used up. BUYING players does not use up trades, so you can always buy a player if you have enough cash.

You must have your selection made before each Round is locked, which is normally set to occur at about 30 minutes prior to the kick off of the first game in the Round, but this may vary depending on the series. Any selections after the lock will count toward the next Round. You can see the amount of time left to make your selections at the top of each page.

Ongoing Management of Your Team - Trades
You will receive a bulk allotment of Trades at the beginning of a series, and depending on the series type, further Trade installments along the way. Details of which are displayed on your 'Situation' page.

As a virtual franchise manager you can use these trades to ensure your mix of players is optimised throughout the series. Sell injured players, buy on-form players, trade out players if they have a bye round, etc.

Backup Plans
There is a TESTRUGBY.com Credits system in place, meaning you can buy Credits and then use them in the game for extended services.  We're continually adding more services, but two important ones are Insurance and Emergency Trades as these can see you through tight situations and keep you competitive for a series.

Sometimes we all get caught out, a meeting runs late, mates drag you to the pub, out of the country on holiday etc etc.  Whatever the reason, there can be a lapse where you don't manage to get your squad valid for a round, which means no points at all for that round.  There are two options - Standard Insurance which chews through much fewer credits and must be put in place before a round locks, and LifeSaver Insurance which is bought after a screw-up to retrospectively get a valid team (this option is only made available in the event of a screw-up).  Read here for more information on Insurance.

Emergency Trades
Trading can be tight, and on occasion the best laid plans come unstuck.  If you already used all your trades and then you spent too much and can't afford a last player, or if your best player gets a last minute injury and needs to be traded out, you have the option to get Emergency Trades.  Read here for more information.


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