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Essential Equipment for Horse Riding 12 views 0 Comments 0 Images
13 August 2018 by emmarie See all
Are you wondering what you must-have equipment is now that you are a horse owner? There is indeed some equipment that you need to have with you, to enjoy the activity of riding. There are some items that you need to buy especially for this task while there are also some few that you can find in your own house. Here is a list of items that you need to buy or keep prepared.

Basic Items

These include pitchforks, wheelbarrows, and shovels to be used to clean up after the horses. You can even use buckets and barrels that are available at you replace as feeding equipment but make sure they are well cleaned and did not have any toxic items stored in them before. Other than these basic items, there are some items that you need to buy, especially for riding, from places that sell riding equipment or even from sites that offer online horse supplies.

Grooming Kit

To start grooming, first, you will need a curry brush to lose the dead skin cells, insect larva, dirt and mud on the coat of the animal. For shine and gloss, you can use a delicate finishing brush and a face brush or an ear brush to groom to brush more gentle regions. Use a hoof pick and hoof oil when cleaning the hooves to avoid splits. It is always better to clean the hooves daily. Many recommend glycerine soap as the best when bathing. Also, use separate mane and tail combs for better cleaning of the mane and the tail.


Turnouts are often used to keep the horse clean and protect it from cold weather conditions. They come in different styles and types depending on for what weather they are designed for. Turnout blankets are better to be used outside but in mild weather, turnout sheets will be enough. After a workout or riding a dress sheet or a cooler can help to keep them clean and dry. Use stable sheets while inside the stables and flysheets to provide protection for biting insects and flies.


You can choose a saddle depending on your purpose. They come in different styles and are of two types of broadly useful saddles and specific purpose saddles. Specific purpose saddles are those that are used in special events such as hunting or cross country. The profundity of the seat, the levelness of the saddle, the measure of contact, knee move size are some features that will change with the differences in the design. When choosing, consider the purpose of riding first but usually, most first timers choose all-purpose saddles.

Other Equipment

Apart from the above equipment, some other equipment you will be needing is leg wraps, hoof boots, crops, bats, whips, and spurs. Using a breastplate on the horses also recommended as it can provide them with protection. Also, stirrup leathers and pads need to be in your list of equipment and be taken care carefully for they tend to damage easily.
Also remember to keep all your equipment well stored and well looked after, so that you will be able to maintain their good quality.

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