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Crucial Elements to Look into When Choosing Your First Bike 16 views 0 Comments 0 Images
14 August 2018 by emmarie See all
So you finally got your motorcycle and it’s time to find your first ride. And not like you’re just shopping for clothes. Finding the right one takes time, research, and more research. Here are a couple of considerations prior to purchasing a bike.


Well, you’ll have to consider budget above all else. These motorcycles do come at some cost and it’s important that you’re financially ready to purchase them before you place your initial payment. Consider this question: ‘How much are you willing to pay?’ If you’re not sure as to the price ranges, checking for bike prices online should give you a good idea. If prices are too high, consider alternatives. There are low-end brands that have similar features to that of a popular one in the market.
From here, you can derive the budget range for your bike of choice. In establishing this baseline, you don’t have to worry about going overboard and losing your bike in the process due to repossession. This is a financial goal and should be dealt with prior hand.


The motorcycle industry caters to a wide market of beginners and off-road bikers.
Cruisers are often the most romantic type of bikes. It’s easy on the eyes, sounds good, and a favorite for most bikers. They are good beginner bikes since you can sit comfortably, easy to control with smooth power for ‘cruising’. Cruisers usually have engine motors ranging from 250 ccs to 2,000 ccs (ground pounders). However, for beginners like you, you can look into 1,200 ccs or less so you can drive in the urban city as well as open roads.

image source: Unsplash

 Sportbikes are well built for speed. In this case, a beginner may shy away from this type but it’s definitely not off limits. Top-end engines can go up to 200 horsepower and 200 mph capacities. It is recommended that should you want to go for sports bikes, go for engine ranges between 300 cc to 500 ccs. These still deliver high speeds with some tech upgrades like ABS brakes, switching on ride modes, and fuel injection. Compared to its racier models, these won’t place you in hyper-speed but still delivers a smooth ride in case you want to have a ‘need for speed’.

Usually, Honda bikes are popular standard types often liked by beginners. It is the go-to motorcycle that has it all. A standard bike is not hyper-focused on a special feature thus enabling the rider to calibrate the right blend of speed and comfort. Today, ‘regular’ motorcycles are more flexible and user-friendly. It works in favor of having another person ride on the back or placing items that needed to be transported. Standard bikes usually come with 250 ccs to 1,200 cc engines in varying prices. There are also upgraded bikes that have ABS brakes, automatic transmissions, and USB phone charging features. For these types, you may want to go for a 500 cc to 700 cc engine so you get the right balance of the speed even with an added load.
In considering your options, it is only realistic to think about the kind of terrains your bike is going to be treading on. If you’re unsure, consult your salesman about this so they can provide you with the best options for your money.

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