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Some Common Types of Architects 56 views 0 Comments 0 Images
26 July 2018 by arcmaxarchitect See all
If you’ve ever considered building something yourself, then you’ve had to think about the logistics of the construction and the design system involved. There’s a lot more that goes into this than just a thought and some construction materials. If it’s a simple building- like a shed or carport- then it can more than likely be done by a beginner. It may not end up being the polished structure that you were hoping for- but it should be functional. Anything any bigger, and you should definitely consider hiring an architect.

An architect is someone who has gone through college and certification processes that qualify them to design buildings. They can specialize in everything from landscaping to industrial buildings and homes. You will need to decide what kind of structure you need, and you will have to find an architect that specializes in that specific type of structure.

There are some structures that actually require an entire team of professionals in order to successfully design. This happens when there are building codes, electrical considerations, and other aspects that need to be taken into consideration prior to the building’s construction. You will also need to obtain any necessary permits before beginning the process. It will be a good idea to consult with famous residential architects in India when finalizing any building plans.

Residential Architects

These are the architects that can help to build beautifully customized buildings and homes that will house people. These are buildings that will require a certain set of specifications in order to be habitable over a long period of time. The function of a building ultimately determines the kinds of plans that it will need to have in order to be successful. An architect can give estimates for costs of row house design, and the permits required to move ahead with the project.

Commercial Architects

These are the architects that are called when commercial or business properties need to be designed and built. Your shopping malls, stores, and other types of commercial properties depend on these architects. People have really grown tired of the cookie cutter box buildings that have come out over the last few years, and architects have been generating new aesthetically pleasing resort plan and design for commercial areas. They’ve really worked very hard to bring an artistic flare back to our neighborhoods and city properties.

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